House leaders ready to finalize budget this week

Staff Report

Agreeing with Gov. Bevin that the House and Senate should move the last scheduled day of the 2016 Regular Session back so a two-year budget can be passed, House leadership returned to the budget conference room Monday afternoon, ready to begin negotiations again.

In a letter to Gov. Bevin, House Speaker Greg Stumbo wrote:

Gov Bevin, I agree that we must have a budget and that we must work together, and the other House leaders and I remain ready to do that. I encourage you, Sen. President Stivers and our respective leaderships to find a way to do the right thing and pass a budget this week for the people of Kentucky.

Our negotiations so far have been successful and we are just a short distance from passing a bipartisan budget. We agree with you that the full legislative calendar should be used to try to accomplish this, because it would be much more cost-efficient for the taxpayers of Kentucky. We agree that it would be irresponsible not to pass a budget in the next few days.

Thank you, Governor Bevin, for your words of encouragement.

“I believe we can bridge the remaining differences in the time we have left, and we in the House stand ready to do just that,” Stumbo said.

Staff Report

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