PVA candidates chosen

By Michaela Priddy - Intern/Reporter

Candidates for the Grayson County PVA Director have been chosen for both the Republican and Democratic parties.

The Republican candidate, Ernie Perkins, and Democratic candidate, Sherrie Stinnett, will be on the ballot in the general election in November.

Normally, the position wouldn’t be on the ballot in the upcoming general election; however, it became necessary due to the passing of PVA Director Milburn Vanmeter in June.

The Grayson County Democrats chose candidate Stinnett in their meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 2, with all of their voters present. This is Sherrie Stinnett’s first campaign; though her husband, Jim Stinnett, has run for public office in the past.

Sherrie Stinnett, a registered nurse at Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center, has helped with the financial side of her husband’s tire company for many years. For her campaign, she plans to meet voters face to face by going to door to door throughout Grayson County.

“Although I know that I cannot visit every voter due to time being an obstacle, I look forward to meeting all voters that I can in a short amount of time,” said Sherrie Stinnett.

Sherrie Stinnett, after talking with citizens and community businesses, hopes to make information on parcels of property more easily accessible and update the office’s computer systems.

“I wanted to work hard for the community being a public servant. While being fair and easily accessible to the community,” said Sherrie Stinnett about her reasons for running. “I have a lot of respect for Milburn VanMeter, and I would like to carry on with the good work that he accomplished.”

Perkins was chosen by the Grayson County Republicans in a vote on Monday, Aug. 8 by the Grayson County Republicans in the old judicial building with all precinct representatives present to choose a party candidate.

“We had four strong candidates run, and I can honestly say I supported every one of them,” said Chairman Aaron Witten.

Perkins had run for the position in 2014 against Vanmeter and is hopeful in this new election.

“We’re going to hit it wide open,” said Perkins about the campaign, having resigned his position as Emergency Management Coordinator and all other county offices as soon as he became the Republican candidate on Monday.

The Emergency Management position has been appointed to Tony Willen in an executive order by Judge Executive Gary Logsdon, while Perkin’s other positions of Occupational Tax Administrator and the Board of Elections will be filled later on in the year.

Perkins has a business degree from Western Kentucky University and has worked in finance both in Louisville and in the county. He is also a real estate investor and has many plans if elected.

Some of these plans include making the office more efficient and user friendly, building relationships with other county offices affiliated with the PVA, and fighting to keep assessments low, according to Perkins.

“We will never forget who we work for, which is the people of Grayson County,” said Perkins, who added that being PVA Director is, “Just something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Whichever candidate is chosen in the November election will finish VanMeter’s term for two years until the next election in 2018.

By Michaela Priddy


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