2016 RACK Ride a success

By Michaela Priddy - Intern/Reporter

It was a foggy morning throughout the county on Saturday, Aug. 6, as bicyclists gathered at the Grayson County Fairgrounds pavilion to register and start the 12th annual Ride Around Central Kentucky (RACK) at 8 a.m.

The fog, which earlier that morning was reported to be extremely thick, with Millerstown Road being one of the worst areas, almost caused the bicycle ride to be postponed. However by 8 a.m., the starting time for the RACK Ride, the fog began to break up enough to be considered safe for cyclists to be on the road.

150 riders came to participate, with the majority coming from Kentucky, according to Rick Embry, one of the organizers of the event and the owner of Embry’s Bike Shop.

There were also groups that came from as far as Michigan and Kansas City. The Kansas City group are regulars to the RACK Ride and have family in the county area.

“The police helped out more than they ever have, the county and Clarkson, too,” Embry said.

Clarkson had officers at the intersection to insure cyclists’ safety, and Clarkson Police Officer Rick Clemons was at K’s Café, as well, because all cyclists involved in the RACK Ride went through Clarkson at some point during the day.

Embry thanked all who helped with planning this year’s RACK Ride, including the Leitchfield Tourism Commission, who sponsored the event, the Lions Club, and local volunteering cyclists.

“There’s a lot of prior work before that day; a lot of local cyclists helped out,” said Embry.

The day was a success with no incidents.

“There was no accidents—a few flat tires and mechanical problems, but otherwise it went real well,” said Embry.

The cyclists on Saturday were all in good humor, ready to ride the eastern part of the county as they talked and joked with fellow riders and Embry at the pavilion on the fairgrounds. Many have participated in previous years.

When asked if there will be a RACK ride next year, Embry said, “Probably so.”

The next bicycle ride in the county will be the Honeyfest Ride on Saturday, Sept. 24 at Clarkson Elementary School. All cyclists are welcome to participate in this ride, as well, free of charge.







By Michaela Priddy


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