12th annual RACK Ride preparations begin

By Michaela Priddy - Intern/Reporter

Drivers and cyclists alike are preparing for next weekend’s 12th Annual RACK Bicycle Ride on Saturday, August 6.

The Ride Around Central Kentucky (RACK) Bicycle Ride, sponsored by Leitchfield Tourism, is asking those driving to be considerate of their local, and out of town, bicyclists.

All riders will be starting at the Grayson County Fairgrounds at 8 a.m. and most will be finishing at 12 p.m., noon, when they return to the fairgrounds at the finish of the race.

Cyclists will be riding in different categories according to mileage. Riders can go 15 miles, 30 miles, 45 miles, or 65 miles, depending on their preference.

“We’re expecting 200 people; that’s what we had last year,” said Rick Embry, one of the organizers of the RACK ride.

The ride is free to all cyclists, and all ages are welcome; though anyone 17 and younger must have an adult ride with them.

All participants are required to wear helmets and many will be riding on gear bikes, which are suited for distance, according to Embry.

The RACK ride attracts more than just local bicyclists. Many come from all over Kentucky and the country to participate. Some will come from as far as Kansas City, and many bike clubs are expected to come, including those located in Louisville and Owensboro.

“They come from all over,” said Embry. “A great majority come from Kentucky—they usually have a connection here.”

SAG stations will be set up as rest stops where riders can use the restroom and/or get water and snacks before continuing on the route. A vehicle will be driving around on the route just in case a rider finds himself or herself lost or injured.

The cycling route will be marked by “Dan Henrys,” a circle with an arrow pointing in the direction of the route. Each color is for the different categories of mileage: 15-milers follow the pink markings, 30-milers follow the white markings, and 45-milers and 60-milers follow yellow markings. About 600 markings will be touched up for the RACK Ride and then will be used throughout the year.

“They make all the difference in a bicyclist getting lost because most don’t know where they are when they get down here,” said Embry.

Bicyclists will be in the eastern part of the county. The majority of riders are expected to be in the 30-mile category, which will be going through Clarkson, while those in other categories are expected to go as far as the St. Paul area.

“We just want everyone in the Clarkson and Millerstown Road area to be aware this is going on,” said Joyce Embry, Rick Embry’s wife and fellow organizer of the ride.

Both Embrys added that all cyclists will go to Millerstown Road at some point.

An officer will be on Millerstown Road, just in case of an emergency as well.

Drivers and residents on that route are encouraged to be courteous of their fellow cyclers. Putting up dogs from yards, giving plenty of space while passing cyclists, and following the new Three Feet Passing Law will help keep cyclists and drivers alike safe that Saturday.

“Don’t give the finger; show all of them [a] wave,” said Rick Embry. “It is important that our residents show them the good side of Grayson County drivers.”

Anyone interested in participating at this year’s 12th Annual RACK Bicycle Ride is welcome to register the day of the event; though preregistration is preferred. For any information, inquire at rackride@yahoo.com or visit Embry’s Bike Shop in Leitchfield.


By Michaela Priddy


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