Grayson Manor introduces renovations, new wing

By Michaela Priddy - Intern/Reporter

On Wednesday, July 20, Grayson Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation, formerly known as Grayson Manor Nursing Home, held an Open House for its new wing of rooms.

Visitors came to the Open House to enjoy cake, ice cream, and other refreshments while seeing the many renovations and new wing that Administrator Joey Vance proudly introduced.

The new L-shaped wing includes 37 private rooms with the Churchill Dining Hall at the end, which can hold up to 30 to 35 people for meals. Renovations were also done to the building as a whole, including newly updated door alarms, and nurse call and fire alarm systems.

All of these renovations and additions cost about $5.5 million.

“The Bank of Clarkson was good enough to give us a loan,” said Vance.

Of the 102 residents at Grayson Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation, 72 live in the skilled sections, which include the new wing, and live in private rooms. The rest live in the Personal Care wing, which has 16 private rooms and seven semi-private rooms.

Vance has noticed a positive change in the residents since installing private rooms.

“I’ve been surprised at how calmer they are; it’s like their own apartment,” said Vance.

The Personal Care section of Grayson Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation is an asset to the community, helping those who normally wouldn’t get it in other states—Kentucky’s being one of only two states that offer Personal Care.

“A lot of people would be homeless without this personal care,” said Vance. “A lot of these people would be on the street and wouldn’t take their medication and end up in the ER or the hospital. It’s a continuous cycle.”

The building recently had an inspection which found that there were only two minor deficiencies, when the national average is seven.

“I’ve never heard inspectors brag so much about a place; usually they say nothing,” Vance said.

The building has also improved with these renovations. The activities room has been moved from the basement to the upstairs and, for the first time, there is a medical records room.

“At one time we stored the records in egg cartons,” Vance said, laughing.

The residents and their families enjoy a free phone, TV, fountain drinks, tea, coffee, ice cream, and juice or milk from the kitchens.

By every nursing station is a linen closet for easy access, and every room is designed like Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center to make it easier for nurses to bring in devices when necessary.

The well-being of the residents at Grayson Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation is important to all who work there. It’s the reason why the new wing and renovations were made: to make the lives of all who come there easier and more enjoyable.

By Michaela Priddy


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