City honors outgoing shelter volunteers

By Matt Lasley -

The City of Leitchfield this week honored the Grayson County Humane Society volunteers whom officially announced their intention to vacate the Leitchfield Animal Shelter effective Friday, July 15.

During the Leitchfield City Council’s Tuesday, July 5 meeting, Grayson County Humane Society President Lindsey Shaffar read the volunteers’ letter of intent to vacate the shelter.

The Grayson County Humane Society has operated the Leitchfield Animal Shelter for the past 13 years, having taken it over on June 3, 2003.

The volunteers’ letter—addressed to Leitchfield Mayor William Thomason and the City Councilmembers, and signed by Shaffar—reads as follows:

It is with much sadness that we, the volunteers of the Grayson County Humane Society, submit our intention to vacate the Leitchfield Animal Shelter, effective July 15, 2016. We send special regards to Mayor Thomason and members of the 2003-4 City Council who supported the efforts of our group to help the unwanted animals of our community by changing our shelter from a place of darkness and death to a no kill facility where the needs of companion animals could be met in a kind and loving atmosphere. Please know that you have saved thousands of lives and relieved great suffering through the years. Of all accomplishments that we have achieved in our efforts to save animals and help the community, the foremost is our spay/neuter record. We have helped thousands of animals and their owners throughout the area with our spay/neuter program and are beginning to see lower numbers of unwanted animals in our community as a direct result. It is our hope that the city will continue to seek avenues to help in this important effort.

Our only request is a grace period of one week prior to July 15 when we would not accept any animals at the Leitchfield Shelter, so that we can move out animals that we have taken in prior to that and not be responsible for any unvetted animals that would come in during that week. We hope that all of our years of free service to the city would merit the granting of this request.

We have decided to offer the city [the] first chance to purchase fencing, cat room cage inserts and any other items that we have purchased for the shelter that we will not be donating or using elsewhere in our animal welfare endeavors. All items that were purchased by the city will, of course, be left at the shelter.

In conclusion, we would be happy to meet with any of you who would like to discuss anything pertaining to this matter.

Following Shaffar’s reading of the letter, Leitchfield Mayor William Thomason announced that the City of Leitchfield will honor each of the longtime Grayson County Humane Society volunteers, as well as the Grayson County Humane Society as a whole, with Keys to the City of Leitchfield.

Thomason then read the proclamation presenting the Key to the City to the Grayson County Humane Society, which was approved by the City Council.

The proclamation recognizes the accomplishments of the Grayson County Humane Society volunteers and expresses the city’s appreciation for their donations of “time, money, and love to many animals in the community…”

Thomason said the city will review the financials of operating the Leitchfield Animal Shelter and will, by the next City Council meeting, make a decision as to who will operate the shelter after the Grayson County Humane Society vacates it on July 15.

The Twin Lakes Humane Society, at the previous City Council meeting, presented a proposal to take over the Leitchfield Animal Shelter after the Grayson County Humane Society vacates it, but no action has yet been taken by the city on the proposal.

In other business:

*Per Leitchfield Public Works Director Sheila Puckett’s recommendation, the City Council approved Brite Electric’s $61,481.77 bid for the Public Works maintenance facility’s electrical supplies.

Radcliff Electric also submitted a $53,879.26 bid for the facility’s electrical supplies, but it did not meet the full bid specifications.

*The City Council authorized Thomason to execute a Gene Ray Electric Company change order for a deduction of $3,169.70 from the Leitchfield Ball Park Complex project.

*The City Council voted to accept bids for a 2016 Pierce fire truck for the Leitchfield Fire Department provided the truck is not on state contract.

The Pierce would replace two older Leitchfield fire trucks that require maintenance every time they are used, according to Leitchfield Fire Chief Tim Duvall.

The Pierce would be paid for out of the Leitchfield Fire Department’s revenue received from county fire dues.

*Leitchfield City Councilmember Kelly Stevenson requested that the city revisit its fireworks ordinance discussions from last year.

In 2015, the City Council drafted an ordinance outlining the use of fireworks in the city and approved the first reading of the ordinance, but ultimately tabled it due to a lack of penalties for violators of the ordinance.

No action was taken Tuesday on this matter.

*City Councilmember Billy Dallas announced that the Kentucky State Softball tournament will be held in Leitchfield on Saturday, July 9 beginning at 8:00 a.m.

*The City Council approved the second and final reading of a rezoning ordinance to change Johnson Way, Lot 10 from an R-2 (Single Family) to an R-5 (Multi-Family).

By Matt Lasley

Reach Matt Lasley at 270-259-9622, ext. 2015.

Reach Matt Lasley at 270-259-9622, ext. 2015.

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