Repair Affair applications available, volunteers needed

By Michaela Priddy - Intern/Reporter

The Grayson County Alliance is now accepting applications for the Grayson County Repair Affair, which will start at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 15.

Anyone interested in applying for the event can pick up applications at the food pantry at its new location on Brandenburg Road in Leitchfield. The food pantry will be accepting applications until Aug. 31.

The Repair Affair is a one-day event where teams of volunteers go to local residences to make basic home repairs to make a home safer, accessible, more sanitary or better weatherized. This includes cleaning, ceiling repair, painting, insulation, and other repairs, though this does not include roof work.

“On average I would estimate that eight jobs per year are completed,” said Josh Dowell, Volunteer Coordinator for this year’s Repair Affair, adding that repairs are limited to the skill level of volunteers and the volunteer team.

Applicants’ homes must be located in Grayson County, and applicants have to own the home. They also must have one person living in the home that is 62 years-old or older, or receive disability, or have an aged Social Security or SSI, or receive 100 percent VA, or have children living in the house.

To be considered eligible financially, income for everyone living in the home should be within 60 percent of the Grayson County Median Income and any resources that can be readily converted into cash need to be $5,000 or below.

Applicants need to include a copy of the title or deed in the applicant’s name and proof of the eligible income requirements with their application. A review process will be held, and Dowell will visit the job sites to verify that the job can be done by volunteers.

Those accepted by the Repair Affair will be contacted through a phone call or a visit.

Volunteers for the Repair Affair are needed as well. These volunteers will be needed on a per job demand basis and can sign up by emailing Dowell at

“This is my fifth year volunteering with the GCA Repair Affair program and second year leading the program. My initial interest in serving the Repair Affair program started by a want to give back to the community that I was becoming a part of,” said Dowell. “God has given me an ability to work with my hands and knack for being able to think outside of the box. My years in the construction industry have equipped me to give back to the community in this way.”

Though the Grayson County Alliance attempts to set out funding for the Repair Affair in their budget, support and funding is still needed from the community.

“This year we are seeking to fund these projects by having the teams that volunteer sponsor individual projects,” said Dowell.

Grayson County Alliance Director Debbie Childress complimented those in the community that have helped with funding in the past.

Anyone interested in applying or volunteering is encouraged to do so in order to be involved in this annual event that aims to help as many people as they can in the community.

“My hope for the Repair Affair program is that we, as a community, can reach out to those in need,” said Dowell.

By Michaela Priddy


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