Saving lives with LifeSaver App

By Michaela Priddy - Intern/Reporter

A new app called LifeSaver App is available for free for phones in order to prevent texting and driving.

The app is meant to prevent car accidents, particularly involving youth, the age group where texting and driving is most prevalent.

“It happens probably a lot more than we know about,” said Grayson County Sheriff Norman Chaffins. “A lot that we suspect but can’t prove.”

The LifeSaver app is meant to block the screen on a smartphone to prevent any cell phone use, including texting, while the car is moving. The app hooks up to the car’s GPS in order to know when the car moves or stops.

The app does feature a Passenger button to let the app know when the person is in the car but not driving, and includes an Emergency Bypass button as well. Parents and guardians can program the app to notify them every time these buttons are used.

With 25 percent of the car accidents related to distracted driving having a high percentage of cell phone use as the cause, parents are encouraged to download the LifeSaver App, not just for texting and driving but for other distractions cell phones cause.

“It could be answering your phone, sending e-mails, anything,” said Chaffins, who added that unless it is witnessed, texting and driving is hard to prove as a cause of a car accident.

Though hard to prove, it is clear that texting and driving is a problem that the LifeSaver App is hoping to prevent.

By Michaela Priddy


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