Local Jail Receives Fee Increase

Michaela Priddy

After beginning the process in January, Grayson County Detention Center Jailer Jason Woosley got the approval for an increase in federal inmate housing fees. As of May 1st, the housing fee increased from $47 per day to $55 per day.

The Grayson County Detention Center sees an average between 350-400 federal inmates per day, with fluctuations in numbers each day. If the detention center stays within these numbers the increase in fees will earn the center approximately $1 million a year.

Presently the detention center is in the process of upgrading equipment. This increase in funding, along with a grant the detention center received in March of this year, will help with those upgrades.

They hope to upgrade cameras in each building by the end of this year, and will replace the analog radio system with a digital system at some point in the future.

“The increase would not have been possible without the hard work of the staff we have here, Woosley said, “We try to do the best we can for the Marshall’s Office. We’re proud of what the guys and girls do up here.”

The detention center is the only county jail in Kentucky that “entirely supports itself,” according to Woosley, who credits the ability of the center to handle federal inmates because of its location and amount of bed space.

Michaela Priddy

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