GCSO offers incentives for drug dealers, users, distributors

By Norman Chaffins - Grayson County Sheriff

The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) is excited to announce the launch of a new program designed to offer incentives for drug dealers, users, and/or distributors.

Have you recently purchased illegal drugs and are dissatisfied with your product? Are you, yourself a drug dealer and wish to safely eliminate your competition? Or do you have a drug dealer whom you purchase from on a regular basis and wish to reward them for their years of service? We at the GCSO have a deal for you!

We offer an all-inclusive package for all who sell or distribute heroin, methamphetamines, pills, marijuana, spice, or any other illegal substances. This package includes, but is not limited to, GCSO welcoming parties, curb side service, three vitamin rich meals a day, free five-star rated lodging, free transportation to and from your final destination by the friendly staff at the GCDC, and free “official” GCDC signature brand outer wear.

This package is made possible by the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office, the Leitchfield Police Department, the KSP, the Grayson County Detention Center, the Clarkson PD, the Caneyville PD, and the Greater Hardin County Narcotics Task Force.

All you have to do to take advantage of this “once in a lifetime” package deal is to provide the GCSO, or any of the other agencies listed, with the name, address, and telephone number of your drug dealer or your drug dealing competition and let us do the rest.

You may contact Sheriff Norman Chaffins at (270) 259-3024 or visit us at the Sheriff’s Office to learn more on how you can get moving on this wonderful opportunity to change someone’s life forever.


This release is not a joke! People, young people are dying right here in Grayson County at an alarming rate. Unless we take a stand as a community that number will continue to rise and the problem will only get worse.

The agencies mentioned above cannot combat this problem alone. We rely on the public’s help. Many families are losing their sons, their daughters, their moms and their dads and their friends to this epidemic of addiction.

We are starting to see a rise in heroin overdoses and, as one addict put it, “This is just the beginning. More people are going to die.”

Know that your police will not stand idly by and let that happen, but we need your help. If you are an addict and you are reading this, if you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your family because it is they who suffer the most. Drugs rip families to pieces and very few of those pieces are ever able to be put back together again.

If the information you provide proves accurate, and you truly want to be clean, any of the mentioned agencies will bend over backwards to get you the help you need.

By Norman Chaffins

Grayson County Sheriff

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