Mediacom upgrades to all-digital channel lineup

Some customers will need digital adapters to continue receiving TV signals

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Mediacom Communications continues to upgrade its video network with an upcoming change that primarily affects the way subscribers view local broadcast television channels on analog TVs.

Beginning Wednesday, June 15, 2016, analog signals will no longer be used to deliver lower-numbered channels, including local television stations based in Louisville.

While placing an emphasis on digital and high-definition (HD) channels, Mediacom has continued to support customers using older, non-digital TVs by also delivering analog signals for a subset of channels. Those channels will now convert to a digital-only signal and older-model TVs will need to connect to a digital adapter for continued reception.

Mediacom is aiding this conversion by making Digital Tuner Adapters (DTAs) widely available in both standard (SD) and high-definition (HD) formats. The HD version has HDMI ports, and all DTAs include a remote control and newly-released on-screen program guide.

Subscribers who already use a Mediacom DTA or digital converter box (cable set-top box) will not be affected; nor will viewers who connect a newer-model digital-ready TV directly to cable. But by using an adapter, Mediacom officials explain, customers can access more channels and use an on-screen program listing. Adapters also make it possible for older-model TVs to receive signals for higher-numbered channels such as C-SPAN 2 (Ch. 87) or WLKY-DT2 MeTV (Ch. 110). For Family TV subscribers, an adapter or converter box delivers additional digital channels, including CBS Sports Network (Ch. 171), FXX (Ch. 261) and others.

“The net result is that customers receive more channel choices and can gain the superior quality of HD television signals when they use an HD digital adapter or converter box,” said Joe DiJulio, Mediacom’s area operations director.

Depending on the community, 12 channels will convert to digital-only signal (listed below). In the fall of 2015, Mediacom implemented a more extensive digital-upgrade affecting channels 23 and above. Since then adapters have evolved to now include an HD version. Current customers can receive at least one DTA on a lease-free basis throughout a transition period that extends through May 2017. Beginning June 1, 2017, fees to lease the electronic device will be $1.99 per month for HD DTAs; $0.99 per month for SD DTAs. The lease-free transition period applies to adapters ordered on or before July 31, 2016.

SUMMARY: Mediacom will convert the following Local Plus TV channels to digital-only signal on or around June 15.


WAVE (NBC 3) 3

WMYO (MyNet 58) 4

WLKY (CBS 32) 5

WDRB (FOX 41) 6

WBKI (CW 34) 7

WBKO (ABC 13) 8

WKYU (PBS 24) 9

WHAS (ABC 11) 11

QVC 12

MC22 22


Local access channels for Public, Education, and Government (PEG) also convert to digital-only reception in communities where those channels have not yet converted to a digital format.


Grayson County: Caneyville, Big Clifty, and Millwood.

To receive Digital Adapters: Please call 1-866-936-2225, go to, or visit a local Mediacom office. Free shipping is provided to customers who order online or call in.
Some customers will need digital adapters to continue receiving TV signals

Staff Report

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