Paul speaks at Lincoln Day Dinner

Goff and Gibson recognized

By Matt Lasley -

U.S. Senator for Kentucky and former Presidential Candidate Rand Paul visited Leitchfield on Saturday, April 16 to serve as keynote speaker for the Grayson County Republicans’ Lincoln Day Dinner.

During his address, Paul spoke about what he considers to be federal government overreach and wasteful spending.

“We’ve let the government get too far out of control, and we do need to push back,” said Paul, adding that citizens should want more legislation done at the state and local levels than the federal level.

Paul said he became involved in politics because he was concerned about the national debt, and he is even more worried about it now.

“We borrow a million dollars a minute,” Paul said. “Our debt is as big as our entire economy. We have to get over this addiction to spending.”

Paul said the primary reason that wasteful spending is not addressed “is that we don’t pass spending bills.”

Paul also said the division of powers in government has become weakened, with more and more power going to the President.

“The checks and balances are being lost in this country,” said Paul. “We have to get it back.”

With that in mind, Paul discussed the importance of selecting the next Supreme Court Justice and said he will not vote for a nominee selected by President Barack Obama.

Paul also addressed the support for Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders, whom considers himself a Democratic socialist and whose message Paul described as “antithetical to the American Dream.”

Paul said the United States “became a great country through capitalism,” and that socialism leads to poverty and violence.

“In 2014, we gave away $400 billion to charity—that’s only possible from a wealthy nation,” Paul said.

In addition to Paul’s speech, Kentucky Senator Carroll Gibson, who has served Senate District 5 since 2005, was recognized by his fellow state legislators and Grayson County Republicans for his upcoming retirement.

Senate Majority Whip Jimmy Higdon, Senate Majority Caucus Chair Dan Seum, and Senate President Pro Tem David Givens were in attendance at Saturday’s dinner to share their experiences of working with Gibson.

“It’s been an honor to serve the people of Grayson County [and the other constituents of my district],” Gibson said.

Also during the dinner, Amy Clemons presented the award for Outstanding Republican of the Year to Judge Kenneth H. Goff.
Goff and Gibson recognized

By Matt Lasley

Reach Matt Lasley at 270-259-9622, ext. 2015.

Reach Matt Lasley at 270-259-9622, ext. 2015.

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