Fiscal Court denies road closure

By Theresa Armstrong -

The Grayson County Fiscal Court agreed not to end county maintenance of two roads in Grayson County during the Monday, March 21, meeting

It was reported that to close the road on Cedar Cove Road would land lock one of the residents on the road and deny her access to her property. The Magistrate voted 6-0 to leave the road as it was.

In the second hearing, the magistrates also voted 6-0 to leave a portion of Blue Chip Farm Road as it was.

After a lengthy discussion from both the couple who wanted Blue Chip Farm Road closed and those who wished for the road to remain as it was, County Attorney Clay Ratley stated that according to the KRS the county had no authority to “close a road” and stop access. The only authority the fiscal court has is to end county maintenance on the road.

Ratley said, “The wording is misleading.”

Attorney Ron Hines spoke for Troy Morgan and his wife, whom were requesting the road be closed because of a neighbor who was walking her dog on the road and disturbing his farm animals.

According to Hines, Morgan was disturbed by the neighbor walking her dog on the public road because she lived in the city limits and had no business on the road.

Hines stated the neighbor had previously ridden a 4-wheeler to run her large Doberman Picher and that was illegal. There had been several complaints in which the sheriff was called because of the disturbance.

Morgan requested the road be closed from one end of Otis Drive to the other.

Hines stated Morgan owned property on both sides of the road and he would like the road closed to put up electric fences “to keep the neighbors off the road.”

The Blue Chip Farm Road loops around behind Otis Drive coming back to Blue Chip Farm Road.

Attorney Alton Cannon, who spoke for Randy Weedman and his wife, stated there was no legal or factual basis for closing this road. He said to close this road would put a hardship on the Weedmans. They use the road in the winter during bad weather. They also felt stopping county maintenance would decrease the value of the property.

Cannon said, the issues with this road were not issues that the fiscal court should be concerned with. It was a legal matter the sheriff and county attorney should address or be handled as a civil complaint.

Sheriff Norman Chaffins responded to the allegations, “We have been out there multiple times and tried to address these issues. We have stopped the 4-wheeler and golf carts from driving on the road, and I have walked the dog myself. I did not see any problems with the dog.

“I know there was recently a problem where the smaller dog had gotten into the brush on Mr. Morgan’s property, and the kids chased it,” said Chaffins. “Shots were fired, but not at the children, just as a warning.”

Chaffins went on to add, “We have done our due diligence out there. I agree with Mr Cannon this is really a case for the civil court.”

By Theresa Armstrong

Reach Theresa Armstrong at 270-259-9622, ext. 2011.

Reach Theresa Armstrong at 270-259-9622, ext. 2011.

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