Moore files ‘anti-terrorism’ bill

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On Monday, Jan. 11, State Representative Tim Moore (R – 18th District) filed House Bill 221, which, if enacted, would allow Kentuckians with a legitimate Concealed Carry (CCDW) license to legally carry a weapon on virtually all public property in the Commonwealth.

Designed as an anti-terrorism bill to eliminate “gun-free zones,” House Bill 221 specifically states that this provision would apply to schools and universities.

“In an era when terrorists and evil-minded individuals seek to wreak havoc on our society, it makes no sense to provide state-mandated ‘gun-free zones’ where trained, law-abiding citizens are prohibited from protecting themselves,” Moore said.

Moore cited the attack in San Bernardino, CA, where terrorists shot 20 people, killing 14.

“I have tremendous respect for and trust in law enforcement agencies throughout Kentucky, and will never undermine their role in protecting and serving our state,” said Moore. “But, even though police were on the scene in San Bernardino only four minutes after a 911 call, the attack was already over. Government must stop infringing on citizens who want to responsibly protect themselves.”

Moore emphasized that this bill is an anti-terror bill, and not a mere gun bill.

“Our Concealed Carry license laws do not apply only to firearms,” he said. “This bill merely recognizes the right for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves.”

The bill would not change the right for private property owners to restrict persons with concealed weapons from their property, nor would it allow CCDW licensees to remain armed in courtrooms, on Federal property, or in transportation-sensitive areas such as airports. Those locations already screen for weapons or have constantly-present law-enforcement or security personnel on site.

“I hope that this bill will put terrorists and criminals on notice that Kentuckians will stand united in rejecting the carnage and fear they seek to sow,” Moore said.


Staff Report

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