Officials urge holiday travel caution

By Brittany Wise -

State and local officials are urging holiday travelers to exercise caution and keep safety in mind.

Many will be taking to the roadways over the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday to visit loved ones, making this one of the busiest – and deadliest – travel times of the year.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration names the four-day holiday driving period surrounding Thanksgiving as “the most dangerous holiday of the year for motorists,” According to Kentucky State Police.

While state and local law enforcement officers will be manning the roadways to try to keep drivers and passengers as safe as possibly, there is also a simple and efficient way travelers can increase their own safety – buckling up.

In anticipation of Thanksgiving travel, the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety (KOHS) is reminding motorists to buckle up, and is putting a special emphasis on those traveling in pickup trucks.

“The best chance for surviving a crash is to wear your seat belt,” said Kentucky Transportation Secretary Mike Hancock. “However, the data indicates that a majority of pickup truck occupants do not buckle up, so we’re asking them to always remember to ‘Buckle Up in Your Truck.’”

“There are too many people dying on our roads,” said KOHS Executive Director Bill Bell. “Many of those lives could have been saved with the simple snap of a seat belt.”

The KOHS urges, “Surviving your Thanksgiving drive this year – and making it to next Thanksgiving – can be as simple as buckling up.”

By Brittany Wise

Reach Brittany Wise at 270-259-9622 ext. 2014.

Reach Brittany Wise at 270-259-9622 ext. 2014.

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