Would you neglect your most precious asset?

By Brett Abney, O.D. - Abney & Amstutz Eye Centers

Besides loved ones, what do you consider your most precious asset? Most of us would say that good health is the most important thing we have. And with that being said, being able to see ranks high on the list.

So, what are the costs to good eye care? I think we should look at this question from a different perspective than simple economic investments. We should really look at good health and eye care from the perspective of what it would cost to replace these precious gifts. Ask someone who’s lost vision due to some unfortunate event what they’d pay to have their vision return. When we think in these terms, the amount we pay for comprehensive eye exams and check-ups seems very small.

None of us would buy a home or car then never do proper maintenance and repairs to make them last longer. Why then would we neglect our health and vision in hopes we never lose them?

Medical insurance is in place to keep people healthy and to avoid costly measures in treating chronic diseases. Even out-of-pocket expenses for eye care are small relative to the expense from losing vision.

Make it a point to get your eyes checked regularly, even if you don’t have symptoms. Sometimes finding a problem early can save lots of worry and expense later.


By Brett Abney, O.D.

Abney & Amstutz Eye Centers

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