Savvy Sellers & Bargain Hunters

By Natalie Taul - Grayson County Extension Office

Natalie Taul

The Grayson County Extension Office will conduct a class called, “Savvy Sellers & Bargain Hunters” on Thursday, April 27 at 1:30 p.m. at the Extension Office.

This class will help you to make an educated determination about some of the items in your home that have been kept long beyond their usefulness. These items often clutter our houses.

Many times, clothes, bags, furniture, or odd knick-knacks are still in good condition, yet we no longer have a use for them. On the other hand, many of us also have upcoming purchases, such as back-to-school clothes, home redecorating, or furnishing a college apartment, that make us wonder whether there is a cheaper option. Checking out local yard sales and consignment shops might help you save substantially.

This program highlights the difference between yard sales, consignment shops, and thrift stores. It will also help you to identify items that could be sold and determine which outlet would be the best fit to sell those personal items.

This program is free and open to the public, but advanced registration is appreciated by calling (270) 259-3492. Please park in the back of the building and enter in the West entrance door.

Natalie Taul Taul

By Natalie Taul

Grayson County Extension Office

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