Flowers bring cheer on Sunbeam Rd.

By Michaela Priddy

While drivers go down Sunbeam Road, they can expect to see a mass of golden flowers along the white picket fence bordering Tom and Joann Glasscock’s farm.

The golden flowers shining along the stretch of land beside the road are Stella De Oro daylilies. Originating from Asia, the Stella De Oro daylily, meaning “star of gold,” can grow up to 12 to15 inches high with a spread of about 18 to 24 inches. Their blooms are shaped like a trumpet.

Joann Glasscock got the idea of mass planting flowers from mass plantings in the medians of North Carolina roads.

“I like mass plantings,” said Glasscock, who credits Joey Decker for planting the flowers.

The Stella De Oro daylilies will bloom twice in the summer and Glasscock expects them to bloom again in late July. They’re well known for their resistance to harsh conditions like droughts, polluted environments, and dry or poor quality soils.

This type of daylily blooms best in full sunlight and in soil with plenty of humus. They’re usually planted in lines to form borders, though this type of daylily can be planted in a bed and it makes a good cut flower.

The flowers on Sunbeam Road brighten the landscape along the side of the road for the enjoyment of the drivers going past the farm.

“I hope they brighten somebody’s day,” said Glasscock.

By Michaela Priddy

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