Letter to the Editor

May 16, 2014

To the Editor:

I have been a subscriber to the paper for quite a long time. I even received it when I was stationed overseas in the late 80’s. But I, at this time, feel I have to terminate my subscription due to resentment toward photos of the prom where two males were holding hands and entering the school. And I know the reactions: “I guess you do not have any kind of TV service because you can hardly turn it on without seeing some type of situation like that.” And you are correct, I do, and you would also be correct in a statement that it is everywhere. But I do not support any company or product that says it is ok to be immoral and to go against God and nature. I turn the channel or turn it off. And after seeing the paper and this picture it is clear of the editor’s point of view and nature, so therefore I have made this decision. I am still unclear of when as a birth and God-given right as Americans in the pursuit of happiness and equal rights for all, that immorality plays a part in that decision and it is ok to be this way. The overwhelming majority is not that way, but yet in order not to upset and be politically correct, we have accepted the necessary evil to continue to live the way we want. I choose the minority, I choose not to accept. But as a true Christian, we have been the minority for a long time.

Thank you and God Bless,

Command Sargent Major (Retired) William Wayne Hayes