Give back to farmers and hungry families through KY tax return


February 11, 2014

The Kentucky Association of Food Banks (KAFB) has successfully worked with State Government to have a check box located, beginning in 2014, on the Kentucky State Tax Return form for Kentuckians wishing to donate a portion of their State Tax Return to the Farms to Food Banks Trust Fund.

“Checking the Farms to Food Banks Trust Fund box on the tax return form will help feed hungry families and increase cash flow for farmers.” Says KAFB Executive Director, Tamara Sandberg. She continues, “These funds will be used to help Kentucky farmers recover losses for their unmarketable agricultural products. The food will be distributed to hungry Kentuckians through nonprofit feeding programs such as local area Food Banks.” This includes Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland, based out of Elizabethtown, and their 200 partner agencies (food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, etc.) in 42 central, south central, and western Kentucky counties.

New for 2014, The Farms to Food Banks Trust Fund box can be used as a simple way for Kentuckians to donate when filling out their tax returns to help farmers and hungry families. Donors can select a $10, $25 or $50 amount or check “Other” to donate any unspecified amount directly through their tax returns.

Gary Miles, Executive Director of Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland commented, “Over 750,000 Kentuckians know what it’s like to not have enough money to buy food and the Farms to Food Banks Trust Fund check box is an easy way to help make a difference in the lives of children and families in need. Donating a portion of any individual tax refund to the Farms to Food Banks Trust Fund will also help Kentucky farmers who can help provide fresh, local, nutritious food to those who are hungry through partner nonprofits like Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland.”

About the Farms to Food Banks Trust Fund:

The Farms to Food Banks Trust Fund is administered by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. It was established to award grants to nonprofit organizations for the purpose of purchasing surplus agricultural commodities or culls at production cost and distributing it to hungry Kentuckians.