For lack of a better title

By Adrian Sanders Circulation/Subscriptions

February 7, 2014

As a sometimes self-proclaimed/technically legal adult, I have thrust upon myself many responsibilities and many responsibilities have been thrust upon me. Just like any other teenager, I am ever trying to balance the typical work-school-social life-sleep schedule. Every day I am realizing more and more how quickly I am seeping into adulthood. While this is inevitable, my future as an adult is not something concrete.

Working here at The Grayson County News-Gazette, I have an incredible opportunity to hear about things that are happening in the community almost immediately. This being my first year getting a vote in our local government, the recent election has especially caught my attention. My interest in politics and government has expanded over time, but I am nowhere near as informed as I’d like to be. If you either aren’t yet old enough to vote or you’re not exercising the right you’ve been given to vote, it’s not too late to educate yourself.

Your local government is the level of governance responsible for establishing the speed limits, setting rules for business, industrial and residential development, funding the public schools and ensuring that there are adequate numbers of police and firefighters on duty. It doesn’t matter whether the only time you spend out of the house is to work or if you are very active the community: if you live in the county, the issues impact you.

Even if you’re not yet at voting age, you can still exercise your right to free speech and association. If there is something you’d like to see, representatives are very encouraging when it comes to voicing your opinion through letters, e-mail, or phone call. You can also get together with groups and organizations in the community to discuss similar views and offer up new ideas. The earlier you get involved, the easier it is to stay involved and the more likely you are to make a well-informed decision whether it be on the local, state, or national level.

It may not seem like it now, but the decisions made today affect your way of living in the future. Society changes according to politics. The Grayson County we know and love today is very different from the Grayson County of 50 years ago. There are people in our local offices that made the decision to expand business in our community thus helping it grow and making an impact on the way of living.

I highly encourage you to read up on candidates, issues, ways to get involved, political groups/organizations, and any events to meet and speak with the candidates. You can be heard and you can make a difference.