DECA makes history


February 4, 2014

GCHS DECA made history at Regionals as each of the 51 students who competed placed high enough to advance to state competition. The chapter was awarded as the largest in the region, with 127 members, and individual recognition went to Kenadie Minton who was selected as Region 2 KY DECA Member of the Year. In addition, Minton and Jackson Henderson have been announced as qualifying for scholarships through national DECA. State competition will be held March 9-11 in Louisville.

Finishes for team and individual events include 29 students in first place. They are Alisha Brown, Kelsey Embry, Madi Thomas, Entrepreneurship Innovation Project; Blake Davis, Kristen Davis, Mallory Thomas, Business Operations Research; Logan Hart, Alexis Schmidt, Cody Swift, Community Service Project; Ashley Clemons, Shelbi Pendergest, Marketing Communications; Katie Hayes, Mady Wieland, Public Relations Project; Danielle Grapes, Gracie Hayse, Kevin Wilson, Financial Literacy Project; Lauren Henderson, Sarah Pierce, Entrepreneurship Promotion Plan; James Childress, Retail Merchandising; Austin Clemons, Automotive; Sam Embry, Sports and Entertainment; Ashton Filburn, Creative Marketing Research; Amos Goodman, Principles Of Marketing; Jackson Henderson, Human Resources; Ashton Lindsey, Marketing Management; Eric Liptak, Accounting; Lauren Risinger, International Business Plan; Kenadie Minton, Entrepreneurship Participating.

Second Place finishes included Lauren Allen, Wyatt Jaggers, Community Service Project; Laska Anderson, Tristan Deering, Business Law & Ethics; Rebecca Higdon, Kristen Tilford, Buying and Merchandising; Hannah Ashley, Jessica Hughes, Marketing Communications; Rachael Downs, Public Relations Project; Zach Downs, Business Finance; Jacob Hart, Hotel & Lodging; Zach Lashley, Food Marketing. Third Place finishes: Braxton Bratcher, Retail Merchandising; Alex Burden, Sports and Entertainment; Noah Cummings, Principles of Business Administration; Isaac Hearn, KY Hospitality and Tourism Essentials; Corbin Hodge, Business Services; Anatasia Meredith, Quick Service; Nich Reams, Food Marketing. Finishing fourth was Heather Easley, Human Resources; and fifth, Stefanie Glaboniat, Principles of Marketing; Landon Nichols, Full Serve Restaurant Management.

State competition will be held March 9-11 in Louisville.