A letter to the community

January 7, 2014

January is School Board Recognition Month across Kentucky. Locally, your elected school board members give Grayson County citizens a voice in education decision making. And even though January is a time designated to show our appreciation, theirs is truly a year-round commitment.

Your board members spend hours reading materials and looking over reports to prepare for a single board meeting. They undergo extensive training to become knowledgeable about the leadership, budgetary process and countless other details they need to know to do their jobs.

They must strike a balance between the community’s tax revenues and the district’s financial needs, while state education funding continues to lag behind growing demands.

They must be prepared to take on unanticipated challenges that can quickly become headline makers, along with the routine inquiries at the grocery store or a ball game.

Your school board members are committed to using their vision and their voice, knowing that their actions and decisions affect the present and the future lives of your children and your community.

Carolyn Thomason, Valeria Hayes-Hicks, Mona Fulkerson, Charlotte Gower and Anna Majors serve this community because they care about our kids and their futures. They are driven by a passion for education and the difference it makes in lives.

This January, take a moment to say “thank you” for their tireless efforts on behalf of Grayson County Schools, our students and our staff, day-in, day-out, all twelve months of the year.

Barry Anderson, Superintendent

Grayson County Schools