St. Paul School welcomes community visitors


January 6, 2014

This year, St. Paul School has begun a Community Visitors Program.

Once a month, the school invites someone from the community to speak to the students about his or her chosen profession. In doing this, the students see that what they learn in elementary and middle school is beneficial in whatever career path they choose. By presenting a variety of speakers in different fields, it helps to give the students a better understanding of the many career paths they could follow.

So far, the students have learned more about professions in nursing, military, and religious life.

On Veteran’s Day, the school invited military veterans, Paul Ward and Ron Johnson to speak about their military service. Both Ward and Johnson spoke to students about the importance of our military members who defend our freedoms. They each brought in items for the students to view and discuss. Students presented certificates of appreciation to Ward and Johnson in honor of their years of dedicated service.

There are plans in the coming months to invite more people from varying careers to the school. Some of the professions represented will be a veterinarian, first responder, firefighter, truck driver, and police officer.