Homemade bombs becoming dangerous menace

Brittany Wise Reporter

November 22, 2013

A number of small, homemade bombs have been discovered in various locations across the county, according to Sheriff Rick Clemons.

Approximately seven of these explosives have been found thrown onto lawns and into ditches throughout the county, and Clemons warns that the items are “extremely volatile” and pose a significant threat of injury or even death to anyone nearby.

Clemons said that the individuals responsible for the bombs likely do not realize how dangerous they are.

Created from a mixture of liquid and solid material household items inside 64-ounce plastic drink bottles, the explosives create a loud sound and send out small projectiles.

The devices are still dangerous even after the initial explosion, Clemons said, explaining that the agents inside the homemade bombs can still interact to cause secondary explosions and emit noxious fumes.

Anyone who believes they have found one of these devices should contact the Grayson County Sheriff’s Department immediately by calling 259-3024. They should also keep a safe distance from the explosive and should not pick it up under any circumstances.

Clemons said that anyone found to be responsible for creative these devices “will be criminally charged.”