Grayson County Sheriff Norman Chaffins has offered a number of tips to help ensure individuals' safety while celebrating New Year's this weekend.

According to Chaffins, the weather forecast calls for frigid temperatures, and there is a myth that alcohol warms the body when it actually makes a person more susceptible to hypothermia.

"It is very important that if a person drinks during this period that they have a plan to have a designated sober driver and someone to be responsible that they make it home safely," Chaffins said.

Planning ahead is the key, and either abstaining from alcohol or drinking responsibly is definitely the way to go, according to Chaffins.

Additionally, hosting a party has its own issues.

"If you host a party, you are responsible for everyone," he said. "You could also face charges if there are underage drinkers present. It never fails that we

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receive calls of underage partiers every New Year."

Local law enforcement will be setting up safety checkpoints looking for impaired and unrestrained drivers throughout Grayson County.

Police also ask that individuals who will be out driving during New Year's please wear their seatbelts.

"You may be a safe driver, but you never know when a drunk driver is coming the other way," Chaffins said.

Police anticipate making DUI arrests during this holiday period, and, traditionally, law enforcement sees an increase in DUIs during the New Year's festivities, Chaffins said.

"If you drink and drive, I hope you get caught!" said Chaffins, adding that the Grayson County Sheriff's Office will be teaming with other agencies during the New Year's holiday.