Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center has reported that a phone scam involving the hospital has been circulating through the area.

According to Bill Oldham, Director of Planning and Marketing at Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center (TLRMC), hospital officials were notified that an area resident received a phone call on Wednesday, Dec. 20, from someone claiming to be from the Leitchfield hospital.

The caller claimed to be able to help the resident with credit card debt.

"As you probably already know, the caller was not from the hospital, and we cannot provide that service," Oldham said in a statement released to the media Wednesday afternoon. "If you or anyone you know receives a suspicious phone call, we recommend you do not engage with the caller and hang up immediately."

Individuals who receive or fall victim to scam phone calls such as the one described above are encouraged to contact their local law enforcement.

For TLRMC patient financial services questions, call 270-259-9543.